Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm Back!!! :)

and I am back to stay.
I can't believe that it has been five months since iI last posted on here. Time has gone so fast.
I have been reading some of my favourite blogs (which as always have been giving me a lot of inspiration)but haven't been active in the blog community, interracting, commenting etc for a while...
Well i guess partly I have just been doing what i needed to do at the time and what is always important to me LIVING, LOVING, LAUGHING AND LEARNING. I've also had a lot of personal stuff going on and needed my life to be private.
I guess i didn't know what to post on here, I found it a bit overwhelming andi didn't really feel like blogging. I wasn't sure which direction i wanted my blog to take.
Since August I have thought a lot. I've grown a lot and done lots of things too.We've been very busy at the farm and i can't wait to share everything with you
The next few posts will probably be catch-up posts to let you know what's been happening here and then there will more regular posts.
From now on expect this space to be busy Lovely People
Have a great day xo

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