Thursday, January 20, 2011

Caterpillars and Butterflies

Last night right before sleep time Callum and I had a conversation, as we always do, in the twilight (after Darren and I have both read him a couple of books and i've turned off the light). It went something like this:

Callum: I want to learn about caterpillars
Me: Okay mate then we'll learn all about them tomorrow
Callum: And butterflies?
Me: Of course :)
Callum: When?
Me: After breakfast
Callum: STRAIGHT after breakfast?
Me: Yep
Callum:Are you sure you will remember? you should write a list
Me: Okay then Darling, I will write a list in a minute.
Callum: You can't! I have to make the list first
Me: Then I will wait for you til the morning
Callum: I can make the list now, I just need some paper!
Me: Nice try Mr Callum. Sleeping time, I love you, goodnight
Callum: *in a very dramatic voice* But I will just NEVER get to sleep!!! (something he says every single night for the past 3 or 4 months depite the fact he nearly always falls asleep within 3 minutes of me leaving the room hehe)
Me: I'm sure you will Darling
Callum: But I am SUPER CALLUM! and I don't get my energy fom sleeping and food like everyone else, I just need food.
Me: Even Super Callum needs to sleep
Callum: NO! Super Callum needs to stay up ALL night and watch everyone to make sure they're sleeping
Me: I don't think so
Callum: Why?
Me: Goodnight Callum, I love You
Callum: Mum?
Me: Yes Callum
Callum: I love You

I treasure that time in the evening, Callum always makes me laugh

This morning we made a caterpillar out of an egg carton
which Callum painted lots of bright colours

After he dried in the sunshine we gave him some eyes

And added some string (which I quickly fingerstitched as Callum was most impatient to play with his new toy)

He was ready to play with :)

*I know that last few photos are blurred but they really capture Callum's mood =CRAZY= hehehehe There was no way he was going to sit still- too excited

After callum had played with his caterpillar friend for a while (who is a boy and named "Polla" apparently)we looked at some footage on youtube- one video of a monarch caterpallar making a cocoon and another of one emerging as a butterfly.
Then we looked at some photos of different types of caterpillars

here's a few of our favourites that we picked together

Sometimes we forget just how beautiful the little things in life are but our children are here to remind. Hope everyone's having as much fun as we are today


  1. priceless bedtime conversation lol:) I cant believe all the great caterpillars you found on the net, the fuzzy one looks kinda like our new rabbit he he;)Polla the boy catterpillar is very cute too!

  2. last year we were lucky enough to have a 'swan bush' and we got some monarch caterpillars. we watched them grow fat and then pupate and finally we were rewarded with beautiful big butterflies. it was so fascinating to watch.

  3. hey!
    i have to admit that i found you through karen's blog - she is my niece. i've heard her speak about you and i put two and two together and found your blog.
    In order to get the monarch butterfly you need to get the swan bush first and then find some of the caterpillars. I will ask my friend about it - she always has them in her garden every year. I think they have just hatched - so you may have to wait a year but it's an amazing thing to watch