Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pieces of Me

Not many people get to see the real me. well they do actually but just pieces of me, the pieces i choose to share or the pieces i let fall
here's some random pieces of me

*I Love purple and i wear it nearly every day. I can't remember it ever not being my favorite colour, it was even the colour of my school uniform at primary schol and it makes me happy. Hence the name of the blog

*I have always wanted to grow my own organic veggie garden. It is finally happening
and i feel truely blessed to be able to feed my family good healthy, organic, fesh food that we watched and loved and cared for from a tiny seed. I feel more in touch with the earth, we are all more excited about food and Callum is learning many valuable life skills and he is loving every second of it

*Sometimes i like to sit up late after everyone else has gone to bed and just listen to the old farmhouse creaking or the wind blowing, the ticking of the clock, a mopoke outside or the dog rolling over on the door step. the sounds of home. They sooth me and bring the calm i need to still my thoughts before i go to bed

*I don't like corn chips or tacos

*I think long fingernails on men are gross- unless they are a guitar player then it's perfectly fine

*My son was born during a wild storm at 4:50am in April 2007 after 9 and a half hours. He weighed 9pound. It was the most incredible experience of my life and i'm proud of the fact that i did it drug free and without swearing!I really listened to my body and was focused and found it a positive experience and 5 minutes after i had given birth to my beautiful boy i said "I could do that again!" I think the doctor and midwife thought i was insane. Apparently nobody says that lol.
I would love to have a home birth one day

More "pieces of Me" later Lovely people. xo


  1. how great to read all these things about you, shared from your heart and soul. Thats so lucky that you got to have purple as your school uniform (i bet all the boys at your school were thrilled too lol:)
    Im so glad your organic gardening dreams are coming true, your inspiring me to get in my garden and plant some seeds! Callum looks so pleased with that beetroot!
    Sounds like Callums birth was a very empowering experience for you. I dream of having a beautiful home birth one day too although ive heard bits and pieces about the government trying to to ban them in Australia, I hope it doesnt happen. looking forward to reading more pieces of you xo

  2. Actually Empowering would be the best word to describe it thanks :) Callum LOVES beetroot. Its his very favourite treat when we go out. He gets super excited about a salad sandwhich with beetroot hehe. The situations with home births in Australia is really sad. Instead of helping and supporting the home midwives with extra training, grants for equipment, extra studies, insurance cover, unions etc the government tries to ban our right to give birth in a place of the choosing where we feel comfortable. Midwives get scared they will be sued if something goes wrong. Hopefully things turn around tho :) sorry i get passionate about it sometimes. Having said that though the little hospital where i had Calluym were absolutely fantastic. Pretty much let u do what you want.