Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Latest Projects

Callum and i made this cool mobile a couple weeks ago from gumnuts, pinecones and other nature treasures that we collected in the forest a while back.

I drilled a whole in each one (I love my cordless drill vooooooom vooooommm hehe)then we threaded them onto fishing line.
It looks great hanging in the dining room :)

I also have plans to sand back the dining room table too

I've already got the sandpaper thanks to my awesome Dad but just gotta find the time as the garden and house are the priorities at the moment but i think iot will look fantastic once it is rubbed back and given a couple of coats of oil. i got it for free too, a year ago when somebody was moving interstate. I Love freebies and recycling

We are now waiting on the last delivery of seeds from Diggers. Once they arrive we will have all the veggies ready to grow this Spring, so exciting.
The full list(for future reference) is

BEANS- Lousy Housewife(me hehe)*1 pkt
CAPSICUM- 7 colour mix *2 pkts
CARROT- Purple Dragon (purple on the outside with an orange and
yellow core. Very cool!)*2 pkts
CELERY- Stringless *1 pkt
CORN- Golden Bantam *1 pkt
CUCUMBER- Sweet and Striped *1 pkt
CUCUMBER- Lebanese Mini Muncher *1 pkt
GUORDS- Decorative mix(cant wait to see these and make
things out of them like bowls and bird feeders *1pkt
LETTUCE- Crispmint *1pkt
LETTUCE- Flame *1pkt
ONIONS- Creamgold *1 pkt
ONIONS- Long Red Florence *1 pkt
PEAS- Sugar snap Dwarf *1 pkt
POTATOES- King Edward *8 tubers
POTATOES- Royal Blue *8 tubers
PUMPKIN- Buttercup
PUMPKIN- Wee B Little *1 pkt
ROCKMELON- Delice De Table * 1pkt
SILVERBEET- 5 colour mix *1 pkt
STRAWBERRY- Bush Alpine *1 pkt
STRAWBERRY- Temptation *1 pkt
TOMATO- Amish Paste *1 pkt
TOMATO- 5 colour heirloom mix *1 pkt
TOMATO- Tommy Toe *1 pkt
WATERMELON- Moon and Stars Red
(they are going to look sooo cool)*1 pkt
ZUCCHINI- Black Beauty * 1 pkt

Going to plant some more herbs too, chervil, coriander and thyme and some happy sunflowers :)

This is what we have planted so far

in these cool newspaper pots that we made, so easy. I made up my own blend of 50% seed raising mix 25% potting mix and 25% soil from the garden. we will be planting some every week, staggering it so we have lots to last through the season

Its been 6 days and no signs of life yet but i' sure something will happen soon... it better!!!

The 2 neglected pots of mint(one mint julep and the other chocolate mint) were looking a bit sad so they have now had a good cut back, some seaweed solution and a good water

Its happy now and i bet will be bouncing back in a couple of weeks. Good ol mint mmm

The lavender looks good next to the herb garden

The vegie patch is looking fantastic now that the beds are dug ovber and paths marked out and leveled. Unfortunately you can't really see in a photo but be patient my friends, it will come!
We had a great weekend. Out in the yard together, planning and creating our garden, our life, our future.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Birthday

It was my birthday on Monday and on Sunday night my Mum and Dad and my best friend's came over for tea. I cooked up some cabonara an some apricot chicken with rice and we had cheese cake for dessert(i didnt make that though, i cheated! hehe)and as usual it was an evening filled with good food, great company and lots of laughs. I missed my beautiful nieces though who couldnt come as they were sick :(
We were so busy talking and laughing that i forgot to take any photos!!! oh well.

Here is my present from Mum and Dad

Its just the one i wanted and will save me heaps of time in the garden. The first thing i did was jump in it so Dad could take me for a ride! haha.

I also got this lovely book from my best friends.

it has some fantastic recipes all from prize winning cooks from local counrty shows in this state. I love it and can't wait to try them all out, especially the lemon slice, homemade tomato sauce and lemonade scones.

I had a great day on the Monday too. Relaxing with my little boy in the morning

And playdough is ALWAYS fun!!!

Then we went out for lunch with mum and spent over 2 hours in the craft shop(WOOHOO!!!!)on my spending spree- my present from Darren. More about that in the next post though.
Bye friends

Market Day

On Sunday Callum and I went for a walk down to the local produce market. I love seeing all the goodies and talking to people.
There was a great stall that i havent seen there before, selling great little wooden toys and puzzles.
Callum picked out this train

and a caterpillar puzzle that came ion its own little bag

I hope they come back again! I treated myself to my favourite Sunday market snack, little balls of minced organic dried fruit covered in dark chocolate mmm yummy

next we walked down to my parents house to show them our treasures and went passed this beautiful tree

I love Sundays

Friday, August 6, 2010

We are Shedders!

Just a quick post today.
I want to share something that happens every day here that makes me smile.
do you know anybody that tends to shed things wherever they go? With my Nanna it was hankies! My cousin and i once counted 14 in her handbag, she always had one tied to her keyring, one up her sleeve and one in her bra. Hehe. everytime she would leave we would always find one or 2 wedged down the side of the armchair. it was even mentioned in the eulogy at her funeral. Love You Nanna.
I have found that the 3 of us are definately shedders. everytime i vacuum i find HEAPS of guitar picks. I swear Darren has a secret stash of them. There's normally at least 2 under the cusions on the couch. Mine is hairties. I love having long hair but find it annoying too so i am always putting it up and taking it down. hairties can be found Everywhere- except when im looking for one of course.
callum is also a shedder- of matchbox cars! They are everywhere, on kitchen benches, in the car, on the dining room floor, in Callum's bed and there is normally one or 2 in my bag or pocket, for those boring times where we're lining up somewhere or when adult conversation is uninteresting and mischief is sure to happen.
I think i will miss it when Callum is too old to play with them anymore. I know i will keep a couple of special ones for his treasure/memory box :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ruby Rose

Last week Callum and i cleaned out the front room and surprised Darren. It is now going to be the music room and on Saturday we brang home the newest addition to the family- A lovely drum kit (i think i was almost as excited as Darren, i couldn't wait to hear him play!) which i was given the honour of naming her *for those of you who don't know i tend to name EVERYTHING, my fridge, torch, car, table, everything lol* so since she is a beautiful red colour i called her Ruby and Darren thought of Rose as a middle name which goes perfectly with Ruby, kind of sounds a lil bit hillbilly which we love :)

And Ruby Rose likes it rough!!!! hehehe Which is agood thing too because my Lovely can sure play. I love hearing him bashing away after work while i cook tea.

The smile says it all!!! :)

Think we might have another drummer in the family too

I love the new music room. Will look even better once we put the couches in there and get some carpet, so more pics to come.

We also have Darren's acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, my didgeridoo and my Dad's banjo in there so definately a music room!!! hehehe. It is Officially now Darren's favourite room in this house which i love. It makes me smile and he deserves it as he works so hard and is simply awesome!!!!! Love you so much xo

Not too much happening with the garden or shifting due to the weather and the fact that we have all had a headcold TWICE!!! We reinfected each other lol Getting better though and enjoying my "medicine" drink. Apple cider vinegar and (good quality) honey. Mmmm soothing for the throat and the soul :)

Have almost finished my garden plan though and its looking pretty colourful!!!

Can't wait to get started. Buying more cow poo this week and waiting for another seed delivery. Unfortunately the six packets i got out of the letterbox yesterday were damp from the rain. i dried them straight away, carefuly by the heater at Mum and Dad's house so hoping they will still be okay, FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

Poor Mr Callum always gets bright red cheeks and nose when he's unwell but it does look pretty cute hehe. This is little Man yesterday with a bowl on his head! lol. he cracks me up!

One last photo- the fire, probably the part of Winter that i like best. The crackling of the fire, the smell of wood smoke. I even like chopping the wood and setting the fire. Mmmm Winter is so cozy

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Garden Plans

Today I've been planning the vegie garden- what will be planted where, the width of the beds etc then next week im going to mark it out, dig poo into the beds and then put a layer of newspaper down and some hay on top. ready for spring planting.
We're getting all of our seeds from Diggers Seed Club and have already ordered heaps with lots of organic and heirloom varieties too. Its going to be so exciting watching them grow
Ive started a big picure of the backyard marking everything(to scale)that is there, what will be planted where and how i want it to look. I'll post a picure of it as well as some other gardening stuff we are going to hang up in the dining room for inspiration and motivation.
The herbs are going well, they are growing slowly though that ios to be expected since its Winter and all 3 of us LOVE cooking with herbs so they have had a couple of trims so far

just sage, oregano and rosemary(which is my absolute favourite) at the moment since the basil died(my fault, planted it far too early, will try again in september-October when there's no more frost) but definately more to come as we are herb and spice freaks in this house! hehe

This is Callum's favourite toy ever! and it sure gets a good work out

And this is the cheekiest dog ever

And Lastly the newest purchase. A clock for the kitchen. You can't see from the picture but its bigger than your average clock, reminded me of MasterChef- love Love LOVE that show xo

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I love the weekends. They mean family time. Relaxing together.
This weekend we have been out in the garden, which is full of worms! YAY!!! Had a nice bbq with some lovely people, watched a movie, went for a drive, sat talking for hours by the fire and so far have caught 24 mice in the traps! lol
I've also spent lots of time trying to work out this blog thing and get it looking how i want. getting there.
I have to say i have become quite the blogger addict and have been inspired by the great blogs i read on craft, parenting and gardening and just living life to the fullest and being true to yourself :)Thanks to Karen because she got me addicted and it seems we have very similar taste in blogs hehe. Hoping that my own blog will also inspire me for if i don't do the things i want to this year i'll have nothing to write about!
Looking forward to starting my next craft project, a patchwork scroll to hang above the mantel piece. I'll post the progress as i go.
Well that's it for now. Time to get out the playdough!!!
Here's my little man in my hat.
Have a great day :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Okay, My first official post and I'm lost for words....(highly UNlike me! hehe)
Well i've been wanting to create a blog for ages but so much going on in my life now and i guess i'm a bit unsure about what to put on here. I guess I'll start with a picture of me(one i took myself a few months ago)and what i am up to today- spending time with my beautiful little boy Callum and digging over the veggie patch again ready to plant out as soon as winter is over and there's no more frost. I joined Diggers seed club and i'm excited by all the unusual and yummy veggies we are going to be eating come summer time. It doesn't look like much now, just dirt but i am so inspired to turn it into a beautiful garden. The photo of callum is one of my favourites, taken at the farm(where i'm just about to move to)on sunset.

Things i am loving today- My purple dressing gown, so fluffy and warm
The sc heater. i love having a fire!
Redskins yum
My Dad's homade pumpkin and almond loaf
When my boyfriend plays his guitar
This photo:

All of our towels hanging on the line under the farm house veranda blowing in the breeze :)
Still getting the hang of things here so bare with me.