Thursday, July 29, 2010

Garden Plans

Today I've been planning the vegie garden- what will be planted where, the width of the beds etc then next week im going to mark it out, dig poo into the beds and then put a layer of newspaper down and some hay on top. ready for spring planting.
We're getting all of our seeds from Diggers Seed Club and have already ordered heaps with lots of organic and heirloom varieties too. Its going to be so exciting watching them grow
Ive started a big picure of the backyard marking everything(to scale)that is there, what will be planted where and how i want it to look. I'll post a picure of it as well as some other gardening stuff we are going to hang up in the dining room for inspiration and motivation.
The herbs are going well, they are growing slowly though that ios to be expected since its Winter and all 3 of us LOVE cooking with herbs so they have had a couple of trims so far

just sage, oregano and rosemary(which is my absolute favourite) at the moment since the basil died(my fault, planted it far too early, will try again in september-October when there's no more frost) but definately more to come as we are herb and spice freaks in this house! hehe

This is Callum's favourite toy ever! and it sure gets a good work out

And this is the cheekiest dog ever

And Lastly the newest purchase. A clock for the kitchen. You can't see from the picture but its bigger than your average clock, reminded me of MasterChef- love Love LOVE that show xo

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