Thursday, July 22, 2010

Okay, My first official post and I'm lost for words....(highly UNlike me! hehe)
Well i've been wanting to create a blog for ages but so much going on in my life now and i guess i'm a bit unsure about what to put on here. I guess I'll start with a picture of me(one i took myself a few months ago)and what i am up to today- spending time with my beautiful little boy Callum and digging over the veggie patch again ready to plant out as soon as winter is over and there's no more frost. I joined Diggers seed club and i'm excited by all the unusual and yummy veggies we are going to be eating come summer time. It doesn't look like much now, just dirt but i am so inspired to turn it into a beautiful garden. The photo of callum is one of my favourites, taken at the farm(where i'm just about to move to)on sunset.

Things i am loving today- My purple dressing gown, so fluffy and warm
The sc heater. i love having a fire!
Redskins yum
My Dad's homade pumpkin and almond loaf
When my boyfriend plays his guitar
This photo:

All of our towels hanging on the line under the farm house veranda blowing in the breeze :)
Still getting the hang of things here so bare with me.


  1. yay, ive been looking forward to a post by you! Wow youve been buisy digging up a giant veggie patch, its going to be fantastic once it gets going. Beautiful pictures, your farm looks great. Wish i had a fire right now!!!

  2. i love that last photo too - it's fantastic!!