Sunday, July 25, 2010


I love the weekends. They mean family time. Relaxing together.
This weekend we have been out in the garden, which is full of worms! YAY!!! Had a nice bbq with some lovely people, watched a movie, went for a drive, sat talking for hours by the fire and so far have caught 24 mice in the traps! lol
I've also spent lots of time trying to work out this blog thing and get it looking how i want. getting there.
I have to say i have become quite the blogger addict and have been inspired by the great blogs i read on craft, parenting and gardening and just living life to the fullest and being true to yourself :)Thanks to Karen because she got me addicted and it seems we have very similar taste in blogs hehe. Hoping that my own blog will also inspire me for if i don't do the things i want to this year i'll have nothing to write about!
Looking forward to starting my next craft project, a patchwork scroll to hang above the mantel piece. I'll post the progress as i go.
Well that's it for now. Time to get out the playdough!!!
Here's my little man in my hat.
Have a great day :)


  1. ah yes weekends, i got a great surprise last night, i thought it was sunday night but of course it was only saturday so i got a 'bonus' day lol:)sounds like youve had a great weekend. Im glad blogging is inspiring you to do project etc so youve got something to blog about, i have the same thing and im also glad it reminds me to take more photos of everyday things. Look forward to seing your patchwork scroll! have fun making it xo

  2. hey, i just used pine off cuts from my dads shed for the little toys, a bit of recycling:) Tomorrow ill put better pictures of the dream catchers on my blog, they are a lot of fun to make. Im doing a give away on my blog tomorrow, come over and enter! How fun to be setting up your new home just the way you like it:) happy blogging!

  3. Well done on starting your blog. I'm only two months in and love it!!!

  4. Hey this is so cute photograph in hat.I also like weekend very much as I think that it is only time to spend time with our friends and family.I think that you had a great weekend.Have a nice time.

  5. I am glad blogging is inspiring to do it for project you have got something to blog about, as well and I am as happy as I remember to take more pictures of everyday life. The joy of hand quilted travel.

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  6. Hoping that my own blog will also inspire me for if i don't do the things i want to this year i'll have nothing to write about!

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