Tuesday, February 22, 2011



*Waiting for my little man =Super Callum= to wake up so we can have our morning ritual cuddle and plan our day togeher. He just got home last night and i haven't seen him in a week. Missed him so much it hurts.

*Very tired as always! I'm not sleeping very well. Having heaps of weird dreams and peeing lots! bring on the 2nd trimester I say.

*Looking forward to going to playgroup and seeing all the kids and Mums.

*Thinking of what to plant in the garden today

*Re-setting all the mousetraps. We are over run by the little messy creatures! Grrrr

*Sharing the name we chose (ages ago) for our beautiful baby if it's a girl.


Callum has 3 middle names (Callum Cooper Samuel Robert) so 5 names all together and i want all of our kids to be the same. We decided to make Jessi Jane 1 word though so people know it's not short for Jessica. Its a name that Darren had picked out years ago if he ever had a daughter. It's sounds a bit hillbilly which is us and i love! ANNIE is My best friend's (and Callum's Aunty) middle name. OPAL is my favourite gem stone of all and so Australian.
I didn't think Darren would agree to it but it goes so well with Annie and sounds like Annie Oakley hehe(someone we both admire)so it's set in stone now. We love it.

I'll post the name we have picked out for a boy soon. We're still deciding on one of the middle names at the moment.

*Feeling a bit vunerable. Emotions, hormones and memories going crazy at the moment but lots of cuddles and reassurance from Darren is helping.

Here's a little poem I wrote about Darren just after we started dating


The sky is ablaze
And so is my heart
Souls intertwined
Never to part
The man of my dreams
Stands by my side
With love in his eyes
And nothing to hide
I smile when I see him
My heart skips a beat
Shivers run through me
There's clouds on my feet
A more perfect match
You couldn't find
the both of us
One of a kind

I still feel exactly the same :)

*Thinking that its a purple day and i want to wear this dress

It's called "Dragon Whisper" by The Montain. I love their T shirts and dresses. This one is really comfortable to wear and a bit stretchy so i should be able to wear it through the pregnancy WooHoo!!

Okay well time to get ready for playgroup.
Have a great day Lovely People

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mushroom Hunting

We love hunting for our food here, whether it be rabbits, wild cherry plums and rose hips or the many tasty and wonderful variety of mushrooms that can be found in and around the local forest. It makes us feel connected to the earth and full of gratitude for what mother nature provides.
I can't wait til it is mushroom season again. Different varieties appear at different times of the year and we always go on our "Shroom hunting" adventures with my Dad who knows the secret locations where they grow and has taken the time to do lots of research on what can be found in this area and also what is edible.
Here are some pictures of some mushrooming trips we made last year

This one already had a bite taken out of it.
Probably a deer a sheep.


I love the patterns on this one

Can't eat these ones!

The next 3 photos are of "Sticky Buns" You can eat them
but they don't really taste all that good.

These little beauties are called Morels. They kind of look like coral i think and are spongy to the touch. Not at all like other mushrooms. They are my favourite though not only for there looks but in America they are known as "The other steak" and it's true! Fried up until they're soft with a little bit of salt and pepper and garlic if you like and they taste just like steak YUMMY!

There are a few different types of Morels and also "false" morels which are poisonous. As with ANY mushroom please do DO NOT eat them unless you are absolutely sure what it is. There are lots of good field guides on mushrooms/fungi to help you to identify them.

This is the morel T shirt that I bought my Dad for Christmas. I love the little gnome with the mushroom hat, very cool

Even on the days when we don't find any mushies (which is not all that often)it's just great to be out in the forest in the fresh air having an adventure! :)
Happy shrooming and Happy Weekend friends


Monday, February 7, 2011


Just found out that I'm going to be a Mummy again. It's very early days but we couldn't wait to tell people :) I know most people wait til after the first trimester but i believe that whatever will be will be and we will have lots of love and support around us. Callum is excited and proud which i'm so glad about.
Not sure when I'm due yet but thinking mid-October.
Very excited and i know that Darren is going to be the best DADDY EVER and Callum is going to be the Best BIG BROTHER EVER xoxo

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Summer Rain Weekend

Today it has been raining lots! And just in time too as our tanks were just about dry (we only have rainwater here, no mains)and we were going to get a truck load of water delivered today for $300, not cheap!
Today has just been sooo much fun! so far we have had green smoothies for breakfast

My favourite green smoothie combo is

Green apples

Then it all goes VRROOOOM in "Arnie" the vitamiser *Kindly lent to me by my best friend, he is named Arnie after Arnold Schwarzenegger coz he's so strong and tough!
Its an awesome way to start the day.

then Callum and i snuggled and watched a movie that my Mum lent us. Dinosaur, Callum loved it and i thought it was pretty good too.

Then it was time to get out into the rain and the garden.
The vegies are all loving the rain

and so is the creek

The gourds and rockmelon I'm sure have grown since yesterday

I Can't wait to make them into things

and we all can't wait to taste the sweet juicy rockmelon

It sure is lots of fun playing in the rain

Although Doogie doesn't think so

Callum loves splashing barefoot in muddy puddles

And so does his Mummy!

Actually it was my idea! hehehe
Today we planted some silverbeet, Flame and Crispmint lettuce and basil and then it was time for DIGGING UP THE POTATOES!!!!

We love getting our hands all dirty and digging for the hidden treasures. This time we dug up 2 plants, both Kind Edward, one in some tyres and the other in a mound.
We ended up with half a bucket from the tyres and a bucket from the mound

I'm sure there would have been more and bigger spuds if i had continued to pile on more soil/compost but i got a bit slack in that department and we are still happy with our harvest anyway :)

They all got a rinse and a scrub in the big wheelbarrow and then we layed them out to dry

I love the beautiful cream and pink skin. We cooked up some little ones whole, straight away then cut them in half, dotted them with butter and sprinkled them with some freshly ground salt and pepper. Talk about delicious!!!! :D they didn't even last long enough for a photo!

Last pics for the day. Callum saying "click" as he takes a pretend photo of me.
Very cute in Darren's big boots

I hope that everybodeee is having a wonderful weekend as we are :)