Tuesday, February 22, 2011



*Waiting for my little man =Super Callum= to wake up so we can have our morning ritual cuddle and plan our day togeher. He just got home last night and i haven't seen him in a week. Missed him so much it hurts.

*Very tired as always! I'm not sleeping very well. Having heaps of weird dreams and peeing lots! bring on the 2nd trimester I say.

*Looking forward to going to playgroup and seeing all the kids and Mums.

*Thinking of what to plant in the garden today

*Re-setting all the mousetraps. We are over run by the little messy creatures! Grrrr

*Sharing the name we chose (ages ago) for our beautiful baby if it's a girl.


Callum has 3 middle names (Callum Cooper Samuel Robert) so 5 names all together and i want all of our kids to be the same. We decided to make Jessi Jane 1 word though so people know it's not short for Jessica. Its a name that Darren had picked out years ago if he ever had a daughter. It's sounds a bit hillbilly which is us and i love! ANNIE is My best friend's (and Callum's Aunty) middle name. OPAL is my favourite gem stone of all and so Australian.
I didn't think Darren would agree to it but it goes so well with Annie and sounds like Annie Oakley hehe(someone we both admire)so it's set in stone now. We love it.

I'll post the name we have picked out for a boy soon. We're still deciding on one of the middle names at the moment.

*Feeling a bit vunerable. Emotions, hormones and memories going crazy at the moment but lots of cuddles and reassurance from Darren is helping.

Here's a little poem I wrote about Darren just after we started dating


The sky is ablaze
And so is my heart
Souls intertwined
Never to part
The man of my dreams
Stands by my side
With love in his eyes
And nothing to hide
I smile when I see him
My heart skips a beat
Shivers run through me
There's clouds on my feet
A more perfect match
You couldn't find
the both of us
One of a kind

I still feel exactly the same :)

*Thinking that its a purple day and i want to wear this dress

It's called "Dragon Whisper" by The Montain. I love their T shirts and dresses. This one is really comfortable to wear and a bit stretchy so i should be able to wear it through the pregnancy WooHoo!!

Okay well time to get ready for playgroup.
Have a great day Lovely People

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  1. how exciting to have Callum back! Does he go to Lindsay for a week?
    Hope you had fun at playgroup.
    My gosh I love seing pictures of your wonderful garden! I finally joined Diggers and recieved my first lot of seeds and goodies in the post yesterday so weve been buisy planting. One of my favourite things about winter is snap peas so ive planted our first lot this morning.
    Thats no good that youve been so tired. I love the girls name picked out:)We have a kids book, Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox, If its at your library Callum might like it (Wilfred has four names, nearly as many as Callum!)Its a realy sweet book. I love the poem you wrote, so beautiful