Saturday, March 12, 2011


I discovered this on one of my favourite blogs PIXIE MAMA
You can find the original here on Searching 4 Serendipity join Kamika's link up partyand make your own :)

A. AGE 27

B. BED SIZE Queen but I would love a King size bed!

C. CHORE YOU DISLIKE Taking the washing of the line and unpacking the groceries from the car.

D. DOGS 1 Wire haired Fox Terrier named Brewster (AKA Doogie)who is 2 years old and belongs to Callum

E. ESSENTIAL START TO YOUR DAY Waking up next to my soul mate and getting Mummy cuddles

F. FAVOURITE COLOUR Purple, dark purple

G. GOLD OR SILVER Silver or white gold

H. HEIGHT 168cm which i think is around 5 6

I. INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY(ED)The didgeridoo though i haven't played in a while

J. JOB TITLE Housekeeper/cleaner one day a week

K. KIDS Callum, nearly 4 and 1 on the way, due Oct 17th

L. LIVE Southern Flinders Ranges South Australia

M. MUM'S NAME Karen Lesley

N. NICKNAMES Katie J and Floss (My Mum and Dad) Pepper (My Grandparents- When I was born My Mum rang them up and said my name Kaia (pronounced Kay-a) and they thought she said Cayene as in cayene pepper hehe. I love it. Super Mummy (Callum, obviously) Sweet Cheeks or Lovely (Darren).

O. OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS I had an operation on my bladder and kidneys when I was 9 and was in hospital for a week.

P.PET PEEVES Judgemental or rude people


R. RIGHTY OR LEFTY mostly righty but lefty or ambidextrous with some things

S. SIBLINGS A younger brother Jacob who is 25 and one of my biggest inspirations, he's amazing and a half brother Cris who is about 10 years older and I've only met him a few times.

T. TIME YOU WAKE UP 6:00am during the week and 7:30-8:00am on weekends

U. UNDERWEAR warm comfy cotton undies in Winter hehe and g string (or thong in US)or nothing in Summer

V. VEGIES YOU DON'T LIKE Can't think of one!

W. WHAT MAKES YOU RUN LATE facebook or reading my favourite blogs

X. X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD Just dental ones

Y. YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE Icook a mean roast pork with apple sauce, cabonara and Yiros with home made garlic Sauce

Z.ZOO ANIMAL FAVOURITES hmm a hard one as I don't have a favourite animal, I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Would have to say otters though. They crack me up


  1. Oh! Lovely! I absolotly adore otters! They're so cute! I have a photo of one hanging on my wall with a carrot in his hands!

  2. Hi, great to see another post from you hope your well. Love all your answers:) well im off to drink far too much camomile tea! xo

  3. I look forward to seing posts on your market blog! Is that your local market? I just this week checked out our local market that started up recently, its so fun to have it in our little town. Hope your feeling better soon xo

  4. Its fine! You've been sick, and you can't stop that! Well, good luck with Jessijane!

  5. hi, this is great! the didgjeridoo....lots of playing up this a way. x