Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ruby Rose

Last week Callum and i cleaned out the front room and surprised Darren. It is now going to be the music room and on Saturday we brang home the newest addition to the family- A lovely drum kit (i think i was almost as excited as Darren, i couldn't wait to hear him play!) which i was given the honour of naming her *for those of you who don't know i tend to name EVERYTHING, my fridge, torch, car, table, everything lol* so since she is a beautiful red colour i called her Ruby and Darren thought of Rose as a middle name which goes perfectly with Ruby, kind of sounds a lil bit hillbilly which we love :)

And Ruby Rose likes it rough!!!! hehehe Which is agood thing too because my Lovely can sure play. I love hearing him bashing away after work while i cook tea.

The smile says it all!!! :)

Think we might have another drummer in the family too

I love the new music room. Will look even better once we put the couches in there and get some carpet, so more pics to come.

We also have Darren's acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, my didgeridoo and my Dad's banjo in there so definately a music room!!! hehehe. It is Officially now Darren's favourite room in this house which i love. It makes me smile and he deserves it as he works so hard and is simply awesome!!!!! Love you so much xo

Not too much happening with the garden or shifting due to the weather and the fact that we have all had a headcold TWICE!!! We reinfected each other lol Getting better though and enjoying my "medicine" drink. Apple cider vinegar and (good quality) honey. Mmmm soothing for the throat and the soul :)

Have almost finished my garden plan though and its looking pretty colourful!!!

Can't wait to get started. Buying more cow poo this week and waiting for another seed delivery. Unfortunately the six packets i got out of the letterbox yesterday were damp from the rain. i dried them straight away, carefuly by the heater at Mum and Dad's house so hoping they will still be okay, FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

Poor Mr Callum always gets bright red cheeks and nose when he's unwell but it does look pretty cute hehe. This is little Man yesterday with a bowl on his head! lol. he cracks me up!

One last photo- the fire, probably the part of Winter that i like best. The crackling of the fire, the smell of wood smoke. I even like chopping the wood and setting the fire. Mmmm Winter is so cozy

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  1. Your music room sounds great and id love to come sit by your fire! Lovely to kind of 'meet' Darren, cute pics of him and Callum drumming together.Your garden plan looks great! Benny scored me some great 'raised veggie patches' (actualy they are wooden things that go around pallets i think) from work last week which im building up with compost ready to turn into more garden. I was so excited! Id realy love to start buying organic and heirloom seeds too, another idea on my to do list. Is that beautiful tree in your title pic at your house? If so im oh so jelous!