Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Latest Projects

Callum and i made this cool mobile a couple weeks ago from gumnuts, pinecones and other nature treasures that we collected in the forest a while back.

I drilled a whole in each one (I love my cordless drill vooooooom vooooommm hehe)then we threaded them onto fishing line.
It looks great hanging in the dining room :)

I also have plans to sand back the dining room table too

I've already got the sandpaper thanks to my awesome Dad but just gotta find the time as the garden and house are the priorities at the moment but i think iot will look fantastic once it is rubbed back and given a couple of coats of oil. i got it for free too, a year ago when somebody was moving interstate. I Love freebies and recycling

We are now waiting on the last delivery of seeds from Diggers. Once they arrive we will have all the veggies ready to grow this Spring, so exciting.
The full list(for future reference) is

BEANS- Lousy Housewife(me hehe)*1 pkt
CAPSICUM- 7 colour mix *2 pkts
CARROT- Purple Dragon (purple on the outside with an orange and
yellow core. Very cool!)*2 pkts
CELERY- Stringless *1 pkt
CORN- Golden Bantam *1 pkt
CUCUMBER- Sweet and Striped *1 pkt
CUCUMBER- Lebanese Mini Muncher *1 pkt
GUORDS- Decorative mix(cant wait to see these and make
things out of them like bowls and bird feeders *1pkt
LETTUCE- Crispmint *1pkt
LETTUCE- Flame *1pkt
ONIONS- Creamgold *1 pkt
ONIONS- Long Red Florence *1 pkt
PEAS- Sugar snap Dwarf *1 pkt
POTATOES- King Edward *8 tubers
POTATOES- Royal Blue *8 tubers
PUMPKIN- Buttercup
PUMPKIN- Wee B Little *1 pkt
ROCKMELON- Delice De Table * 1pkt
SILVERBEET- 5 colour mix *1 pkt
STRAWBERRY- Bush Alpine *1 pkt
STRAWBERRY- Temptation *1 pkt
TOMATO- Amish Paste *1 pkt
TOMATO- 5 colour heirloom mix *1 pkt
TOMATO- Tommy Toe *1 pkt
WATERMELON- Moon and Stars Red
(they are going to look sooo cool)*1 pkt
ZUCCHINI- Black Beauty * 1 pkt

Going to plant some more herbs too, chervil, coriander and thyme and some happy sunflowers :)

This is what we have planted so far

in these cool newspaper pots that we made, so easy. I made up my own blend of 50% seed raising mix 25% potting mix and 25% soil from the garden. we will be planting some every week, staggering it so we have lots to last through the season

Its been 6 days and no signs of life yet but i' sure something will happen soon... it better!!!

The 2 neglected pots of mint(one mint julep and the other chocolate mint) were looking a bit sad so they have now had a good cut back, some seaweed solution and a good water

Its happy now and i bet will be bouncing back in a couple of weeks. Good ol mint mmm

The lavender looks good next to the herb garden

The vegie patch is looking fantastic now that the beds are dug ovber and paths marked out and leveled. Unfortunately you can't really see in a photo but be patient my friends, it will come!
We had a great weekend. Out in the yard together, planning and creating our garden, our life, our future.



  1. Looks like your keeping buisy. I love your free table, lucky you! (not that i can complain, i think mine cost $10 as a garage sale lol:)
    How exciting, your seeds couldn't be far off sprouting now! I love your big blue pots.

  2. I know, isnt it great that my daycare is finaly going green? Im so excited about all the natural goodness! I was nervous as to what the families might say but so far its all been positive. If you ever want books check out http://www.bookdepository.com/
    Prices are ridiculously cheap and free postage from the uk! I dont know how they do it but I bought callums book for around $11 when its worth about $25 over here! (thats why im still not part of the diggers club, I keep getting far too tempted by cheap books! lol:)
    Thats so sweet that hes saving it to read with dad:) Yes I did see a little bit of Dirt Girl the other day, how awesome! I bet that gets Callum even more excited about gardening! Theres also a kids show where they do yoga poses in a fun way, which I thought was great too!

  3. Gosh me again, I look like a stalker writing 3 comments on one post lol:)
    Im having a give away of some of my toys on 'garden mama' blog, head over to my blog for a link to it if youd like to enter!
    Hope your all well and hope to see you in blogland soon:) How are all your veggie plants going?