Friday, August 6, 2010

We are Shedders!

Just a quick post today.
I want to share something that happens every day here that makes me smile.
do you know anybody that tends to shed things wherever they go? With my Nanna it was hankies! My cousin and i once counted 14 in her handbag, she always had one tied to her keyring, one up her sleeve and one in her bra. Hehe. everytime she would leave we would always find one or 2 wedged down the side of the armchair. it was even mentioned in the eulogy at her funeral. Love You Nanna.
I have found that the 3 of us are definately shedders. everytime i vacuum i find HEAPS of guitar picks. I swear Darren has a secret stash of them. There's normally at least 2 under the cusions on the couch. Mine is hairties. I love having long hair but find it annoying too so i am always putting it up and taking it down. hairties can be found Everywhere- except when im looking for one of course.
callum is also a shedder- of matchbox cars! They are everywhere, on kitchen benches, in the car, on the dining room floor, in Callum's bed and there is normally one or 2 in my bag or pocket, for those boring times where we're lining up somewhere or when adult conversation is uninteresting and mischief is sure to happen.
I think i will miss it when Callum is too old to play with them anymore. I know i will keep a couple of special ones for his treasure/memory box :)

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  1. This post made me smile:) Im not sure what i shred but ill think about it (for now ill say phone-wallet-knitting projects-bits and pieces of camera lenses) Benny is deffinately tobacco pouches and tobacco. Not quite as endearing but 'him' all the same. This is nice realy, to think that every where you go you leave bits of your self behind. And nicer still to smile when you see bits of your loved ones. Very sweet that your Nanna left hankies everywhere she went, a lovely little memory to hold in your heart forever:) I wish i had that many hankies, ive had a cold all week so im on to the tissues and their just not the same.