Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Birthday

It was my birthday on Monday and on Sunday night my Mum and Dad and my best friend's came over for tea. I cooked up some cabonara an some apricot chicken with rice and we had cheese cake for dessert(i didnt make that though, i cheated! hehe)and as usual it was an evening filled with good food, great company and lots of laughs. I missed my beautiful nieces though who couldnt come as they were sick :(
We were so busy talking and laughing that i forgot to take any photos!!! oh well.

Here is my present from Mum and Dad

Its just the one i wanted and will save me heaps of time in the garden. The first thing i did was jump in it so Dad could take me for a ride! haha.

I also got this lovely book from my best friends.

it has some fantastic recipes all from prize winning cooks from local counrty shows in this state. I love it and can't wait to try them all out, especially the lemon slice, homemade tomato sauce and lemonade scones.

I had a great day on the Monday too. Relaxing with my little boy in the morning

And playdough is ALWAYS fun!!!

Then we went out for lunch with mum and spent over 2 hours in the craft shop(WOOHOO!!!!)on my spending spree- my present from Darren. More about that in the next post though.
Bye friends


  1. happy birthday for last week! sounds like you had a great day! (especially your wheelburrow ride:)

  2. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DEAR SIS. Sounds like you had an awesome day and what beautiful practical presents.......You can fill up your wheelbarrow with all the lovely produce from your garden and cart in to the front door....don't think you had better cart it all the way into the kitchen hehe....and then you can use it to cook some yummy recipes out of your beautiful country cookbook.......PERFECT..... and then you can invite your sis from Greenock up to taste test for you......and she will bring a lovely bottle of Greenock wine to compliment your beautiful food hehe LUV YOU HEAPS XOXO