Monday, January 17, 2011

Crafty Fun

Back in August my Lovely Man let me loose in the local craft shop (dangerous I know! hehe, and that's why he's so lovely)for my birthday
This is what i bought

Patchwork quilt supplies!!!

I made a few little squares for the patchwork hanging quilt that i want to make for our dining room wall

but I haven't done any lately. I get bored easily and it's usual for me to be doing a few projects at once. Working on finishing things though.
I have been using the material and embroidery thread for other things though. I made a little velvet lined bag for my Tarot cards (more on those later) and i am working on a handbag recycled from an old pair of denim three-quarter shorts. Look out for a future post featuring those :)

I also recieved these slippers for my birthday and they are certainly me.

Gorgeous aren't they

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