Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Small Change

Good eveningI've just discovered a new blog that i find inspiring so i wanted to share. It's called one small change and is about a family who decided to make one change a month for a whole year to make themselves a greener cleaner family and they've challenged their readers to do the same so i'm going to join
and we will start January by aiming to grow more good organic food and make new recipes from that food. We only started our little vegie patch a few months ago and are just starting to see the results now so i am very excited to get to know other people who think the same as us and maybe get a few ideas and be a little bit more inspired :)Hopefully it will help me get a few followers reading this blog too by becoming more involved in the blogging community
You can find the One Small Change Blog here: .

Okay so far this month we have harvested lots. here's a few photos

Happy Blogging xo


  1. Hi, its great to see what youve been up to!
    wow your doing so well with your gardening! It all looks so good, Yum:) Id love to see a pic of your veggie patch. I love your patchwork fabrics that you picked out and your first squares look great.

  2. Hi Lovely Karen :)thanks. The veggie patch won't fit in one picture but i'll try and get some better pics today